Septic Tank Lids, Risers, Distribution Boxes, Effluent Filters, etc.

Loomis Tank Centers offers the following septic tank accessories:
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  • Manhole extensions (also known as risers)
  • Effluent filters
  • Plastic distribution boxes (D-Boxes)
  • Diverter Valves

We offer the aforementioned accessories from the following manufacturers.


Poly-lok accessories are made from durable polyethylene plastic. They can be used with plastic, fiberglass and concrete septic tanks. The accessories offered are:

  • Riser Adapter Rings - These rings are secured to the septic tank manway. Manhole extensions are then snapped onto the rings and can be stacked vertically to achieve the height required for the specific application. They are available in 20" diameter for fiberglass, 24" diameter for poly tanks and a special 20"/24" adapter that fits concrete septic tanks.
  • Manhole Extensions (Septic Tank Risers) - These extensions are snapped onto the adapter ring. One riser can be used per manhole or they can be snapped together in series to achieve the overall height required. They are available in 20" and 24" diameters and 6" and 12" heights.
  • Riser Covers - These covers fit over the top of the riser. They are available in standard and heavy duty models.
24" Diameter Risers (fits Snyder poly septics)
Part Number Type
LPL3008RC 24" Riser Cover
LPL3008HD24 24" Riser Cover (Heavy Duty)
LPL3008 24" x 6" Riser
LPL3008R12 24" x 12" Riser
LPL3009RTR24 24" Riser to Riser Adapter
20" Diameter Risers (fits Loomis Fiberglass septics)
Part Number Type
LPL3009RC 20" Riser Cover
LPL3017C20 20" Riser Cover (Heavy Duty)
LPL3009 20" x 6" Riser
LPL3009R12 20" x 12" Riser
LPL3009RTR20 20" Riser to Riser Adapter
Other Accessories
Part Number Type
LPL3009AR 20"/24" Riser Adapter Ring for Concrete Tanks
LPL3009ARC 20"/24" Corrugated Pipe Adapter Ring for Concrete Tanks
LPL30130 4" Effluent Filter
LTF4HD2 TF 4 Hole Distribution Box
LTF6HD2 TF 6 Hole Distribution Box


Snyder Industries

Snyder industries accessories are designed to fit Snyder spherical, ribbed and dominator low profile tanks. They are made from heavy duty polyethylene plastic.

  • Manhole extensions (risers) - These risers are 24" in diameter and come in 6", 12" and 18" heights. They are designed to turn and lock into the tank manway. They can be stacked and locked together to achieve the required height.. The original septic tank lid locks onto the riser opening.
  • Lid-riser combination - This product is another variation of a manhole extension. The bottom diameter is 24" and it narrows to a 12" cylinder that is 30" in height. It comes with its own 12" lid.
  • Replacement lids - These lids are offered in the event that the original is lost or damaged.
Snyder Industries Accessories
Part Number Type
LSISEPLID Snyder Replacement Lid (24" Diameter)
LSIRIS6 Snyder Manhole Extension (24" Diameter x 6" Height)
LSIRIS12 Snyder Manhole Extension (24" Diameter x 12" Height)
LSIRIS18 Snyder Manhole Extension (24" Diameter x 18" Height)
LSILIDRISER Snyder Lid/Riser Combo (24" Lid x 12" Diameter Riser x 30" Height)



  • Plastic distribution boxes (D-boxes) - Available in 4 and 6 hole models. Patented snap in plugs and rings adapt to SDR-35 or ABS sewer pipe. Speed levelers that control the flow of effluent from the D-box are also available. Tuf-Tite plastic D-boxes are strong and non-corrosive.
  • Effluent filters - Loomis Tanks offers the EF-4 residential filter. The filter has an 800 gallon per day capacity.
Tuf-Tite Accessories
Part Number Type L x W x H
LTF4HD2 Tuf-Tite Distribution Box (4-hole) 11" x 11" x 15.5"
LTF6HD2 Tuf-Tite Distribution Box (6-hole) 14" x 9" x 9"
LTFEF4 Tuf-Tite 4" Effluent Filter 4" x 4" x 18"


NDS Diverter Valves

Loomis offers the 4" PVC model. This diverter valve is the simplest, strongest and most economical valve ever intended for septic tank leach fields.

NDS Accessories
Part Number Type Diameter x Height
LMSDIVERTERVAL Diverter Valve (4-hole) 6.3" x 30.5"


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