Drainable Leg Transport Tanks

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Tank Pricing and Specifics are subject to change without notice. Dimensions and fitting placement may vary slightly.


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Tank Pricing, dimensions and fitting placement may vary slightly. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Drainable Leg Tanks

Part Number Type Capacity Weight Dimensions Lids & Fittings Factory Locations Price PDF
LNW40655 Horizontal 710 gallon 225 lbs 57"Dia x 104"Long 16"Lid / 2"Outlet UT
LNW40393 Horizontal 1010 gallon 325 lbs 58"Dia x 140"Long 16"Lid / 2"Outlet MN, OH OK, CA
LNW42925 Elliptical 1315 gallon 430 lbs 140"L x 66"W x 60"T 16"Lid MN, UT
LNW40806 Elliptical 1610 gallon 460 lbs 140"L x 69"W x 63"T 16"Lid MN, UT
LNW41383  Elliptical HD 2610 gallon 1066 lbs 104"L x 90"W x 79"T 16"Lid MN, UT
LNW40824  Elliptical HD 3210 gallon 1106 lbs 178"L x 92"W x 75"T 16"Lid MN, OH, OK
LNW45772 Elliptical 4010 gallon 1156 lbs 192"L x 92"W x 87"T 16"Lid MN

Note: All drainable leg tanks require bands. Please see below.

Drainable Leg Tanks Bands

Part Number Tank Compatibility Weight Req. Bands Price PDF
LNW60584 710 gallon 16 lbs ea 3
LNW40393 1010 gallon 16 lbs ea 2
LNW63642 1315 gallon 20 lbs ea 3
LNW62434 1610 gallon 19 lbs ea 4
LNW63846 2010 gallon 36 lbs ea 4
LNW63045 2610 gallon 41 lbs ea 2
LNW62347 3210 gallon 41 lbs ea 2
LNW62832 4010 gallon 42 lbs 4